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Bottom Fishing in Galapagos Islands

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San Cristobal Island

The Galapagos Islands are formed by mainly volcanic activity. The islands are essentially the peaks of the end of an underwater mountain range that begins off the coast of Panama and Colombia. Much of the bottom is rocky and made up of endless reefs which are host to incredible marine life. You will find various species of grouper, tuna, jacks, snapper and more feeding in waters just under 100 feet on to as deep as you want to jig. If you enjoy jigging or baiting off the bottom then this is place is like no other. Fish in waters under 300 feet for easy hand retrieve for grouper and most fish from 5 lbs to 50 lbs average. Want to try for the really big boys then bring out the electric reels and try in over 800 feet of water for large groupers, tile fish and even swordfish!

Watch Captain Fernando Yepez catch a nice grouper on a spin rod while a whale shark visits next to the boat.

Take a chance on a different type of fishery that challenges your wrist strength.


Bottom fishing is a year round fishery but we recommend December to April for calmest seas.

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Barra Low Billfish Foundation
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