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Fish Specie: Blue Marlin

Scientific name: Makaira Nigricans

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Pure fury, speed and raw power make the blue marlin arguably the world’s most sought after billfish

The blue marlin is perhaps the most sought after and dreamed up marlin in the world. Powerful, extremely aggressive, fast and a challenge on any type of tackle, the blue marlin is a trophy fish in its own category. Found in most temperate and tropical waters around the world it is perhaps the most widely spread of the marlin species.

Males rarely grow over 300 lbs and most fish over 300 lbs are females. Blue marlin females are known to grow in excess of 1500 lbs and over 14 feet long. Some longliners claim catching fish over 2000 lbs. A blue marlin of any size will usually put up a fit and an aggressive display that is simply breath taking. Ecuagringo is proud to offer some of the best destinations in Pacific South America to target Pacific blue marlin. Blue marlin feed on squid, bonito, dorado, tuna, mackerel, sardines and sometimes even on smaller billfish such as striped marlin, sailfish and spearfish. Blue marlin generally swim and feed alone but can be raised in doubles and triples at times in the spread. They are a relatively easy marlin to tease to pitch a fly fly or a bait as they are persistent on a teaser. Perhaps not as persistent as a striped marlin but in general they tease very well.


Brothers Christoff fishing a big Blue Marlin in Manta, Ecuador

Past Fishing Reports

Here are our top destinations ranked to target Blue Marlin:

Double digit action from Blue Marlin in Manta, Ecuador

Perhaps more blue marlin are caught year round than anywhere else in the world. Manta is one of the few places in the world where you can expect good chances to catch blue marlin every month of the year. Some days you may have double digit action from blue marlin. Most fish are under 400 lbs but the numbers of blue marlin that congregate off Manta waters without banks or fads to hold them are just impressive by any standards. The number of fish make this blue marlin destination a must for light tackle and fly anglers. Blue marlin 500 lbs and over are not uncommon either.
Season: Good blue marlin fish can be expected all year. Fishing seems to peak June-September and December to February.

Favorite destination for Big Blue Marlin: San Cristobal, Galapagos

Very large blue marlin have been caught and fish over 1000 lbs have been lost by Ecuagringo boats, some with long hours of arduous battle. Fishing the the island drops and the edges of banks has proved productive for large blues. Most Galapagos blue marlin average 500 to 800 lbs. Some of our favorite spots include the edges of Bank 0-30, Punta Pitt Drop and fishing out of Post Office on Floreana Island. When large concentrations of tuna and water temperature remain over 75 F blue marlin can be a pretty good bet. 1 to 5 bites from blue marlin can be expected on good days. San Cristobal Island, Galapagos is one of our favorite destinations because the blue marlin tend to be big, the scenery is spectacular and you are rarely disappointed when you invest the time to fish for blue marlin.
Season: The warmest months are the calmest and the absolute peak for blue marlin so stick to December to April.

Esmeraldas: reliable fishing for Blue Marlin all year

Ecuador is a unique area with low comercial fishing pressure and very little sport fishing. Just 20 miles of the coast begins some trully fishy water for blue marlin. Esmeraldas has reliable fishing for blue marlin all year as warm waters and lots of bait bring these apex predators to feed in this area. May days experience 3 to 10 raises of blue marlin. You can stay at the Casa Blanca Club and Marina to relax in style and comfort.

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