Why Fish The Galapagos Islands?

Jan 28, 2023Blog

When looking to fish and international destination anglers must take into consideration many factors such as distance, cost, travel days, safety and perhaps most of all you want to go where the fish are known to be.  Going to a destination that is currently relevant versus 10, 30 or 60 years ago is important to consider.  Many places will continue to recycle old photographs of the “glory days” but let’s face it with increase of commercial fishing around the globe many fisheries have taken a downturn.

You will find that most destinations fish populations have dwindled not increased.  Yet the are a handful of gems still around where folks can effectively target striped marlin and blue marlin.  One of them is obviously the Galapagos Islands Marine Reserve.  How cool is it to be able to fish in one of the few marine reserves in the world?  Very cool!  The wildlife and marine life is numerous and makes up for a great part of the show.


Very real concerns to consider are the increasing crime rates around the world and drug cartels taking over cities and countries.  In some case US Citizens become targets or visas being required of them makes travel even more restricted and difficult.  However, Ecuador which owns the Galapagos Islands is easy for US Citizens and most other nationals to enter without problems or restrictions.

The Galapagos are 600 miles from the continent of South America effectively too far for pirating or other high seas danger crimina concerns.  The three main ports we fish from in the Galapagos have the lowest crime rates of almost any inhabited island destination.  Guest will be able to walk worry free down the strips, markets, waterfronts, beaches and just about anywhere anytime without worries.  Military and police presence in the towns has been quite adequate and the locals understand the value of tourist dollars.

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Abundance Of Billfish

With few exceptions there are no better year round places on earth to raise 5 to over 100 striped marlin per day.  The striped marlin are big averaging 120 to 250 pounds and are usually numerous feeding on sardines on top of the various sea mounts and banks.  Light tackle and fly fisherman understand how important it is to have more shots in order to increase catches of billfish.  Ecuagringo has boats fishing year round providing the latest fishing reports so you can judge for yourself.

Best Shot In The Pacific For Grander Blue Marlin

The Galapagos Islands have for some time been perhaps the most underrated destination when it comes to blue marlin fishing.  In recent years Ecuagringo has pushed the fishing out of Isabela Island and the results have been impressive.  With only one boat fishing less than 50 days each season we have been averaging a grander about every 7 days.  Most fish range 400 to 900 pounds and we have hooked into some fish too big and aggressive for 80 and 130# tackle to handle at times.  There are very few places on Earth where you can target high volume striped marlin and giant blue marlin all on the same trip.

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Other Activities

The best international billfish destinations are not cheap.  So when planning a trip why not maximize your vacation by also indulging in what else a place has to offer.  The Galapagos Islands are famous for their history (whaling and penal colonies, military bases, WW2), the science (Charles Darwin and Origin of the species, natural selection) and the tourism (diving, snorkeling, exploring, hiking, cruises and more).  If you have kids, family or spouses that may not fish then there is something for almost everyone in the Galapagos.

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