Wahoo Fishing In The Galapagos Islands

Nov 10, 2020Blog

Yes the stories of dozens of wahoos being caught in a day by one boat in the Galapagos Islands are true. Ecuagringo has been fishing them for over 20 years. Our best days onboard legendary boat the Striper was was 48, 37 and 56 fish caught in 3 days of straight wahoo fishing off Hancock Bank. Some days we experienced over 150 bites of wahoo.

It has been over ten years since we have had such phenomenal wahoo fishing. The worldwide commercial pressure on wahoo has had catastrophic consequences on fisheries for this incredible gamefish world wide. However, you can still experience days with upwards of a 1 to 2 dozen wahoo bites in the Galapagos.

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If you were looking for good and reliable wahoo action we can offer you to fish with our crews from either Santa Cruz Island with Captain Yury Gutierrez for the absolute best wahoo fishing in the Galapagos. The wahoo bite from San Cristobal Island is very good as well. Anglers have the option to combine wahoo, top water tuna and bottom fishing.

Contact us today to set up a trip of a lifetime. You can add tours, island hopping and much more. Ecuagringo will customize your package to make it an unforgettable experience. The Galapagos are open to fish and tour. You we handle most of the requirements and paperwork.

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