Top Reasons To Fish The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador & Peru With Ecuagringo

Oct 15, 2023Blog

More anglers have fished with Ecuagringo the last 25 years in the Galapagos Islands than with all others combined. If you need a few reasons on why to trust the first fishing outfitter we have some! Ecuagringo will customize your trip to provide you a experience of a lifetime. We are your do it all outfitter for the Galapagos Islands.

1- Fish With The Outfitter That Started It All!
As the first outfitter who developed the first boats and crews there is no substitute for experience! Braden Escobar who created Ecuagringo has researched and fished the Galapagos since the mid 90’s far longer than anyone else. His passion for marlin helped the company put the Galapagos Islands on the map and get the activity regulated and legalized. The striped marlin fishery in the Galapagos is considered the best year round large striped marlin action where you may expect double digit action any day of the year.

Our striped marlin range 120 to over 250 pounds. If you rather target giant blue marlin that will grow over 1000 pounds then Isabela Island is the fishery you need to be in. Escobar loves chasing giant marlin and he has been working hard with Ecuagringo crews to put the Galapagos Islands on the map as arguably the best destination in the Pacific for marlin 500 to over 1000 pounds.

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2- Top Notch Crews, Boats & Finest Tackle On The Islands
The best crews, boats and tackle. Ecuagringo provides the best 38 ft custom sportfishers and one brand new 42 custom sportfisher outfitted to fish for almost anything that swims the waters of the Galapagos Islands. We source our tackle from Italy and the United States and avoid Chinese garbage as much as we can.

Pro staff for Alutecnos, BluefinUSA, Moldcraft, Fishrazr and others we have the name brands that are a cut above the rest. For 2025 all our boats will be equipped with electric reels to deep drop for swordfish and grouper. As the first an only outfitter to develop the giant blue marlin fishery we have the 80# and 130# custom tackle that it takes to fish for blue marlin that may go over 1000 pounds.

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3- Most Experienced Staff
Staff that has been working for over two decades that know the ropes. Our guides, hosts and staff have the necessary experience to take care of you all the step of the way. You get to know people like Lorena, Ronnie and Pepe and many folks stay in touch 10 and 20 years later. Those who return often become like family to our staff. Our family run company is a team loyal and trusted folks that depend on our anglers and travelers to keep us going.

4-More Techniques & Gear For Whatever & However You Want To Fish
We have the most diversity in tackle, techniques and even fishing instructors. If you are looking to pitch baits we import bait from Florida or source it from mainland Ecuador. If you want to fly fish we are the only outfitters to have invested in Mako Reels and and fine rods.

Our fly fishing schools of the past with Jake Jordan and now with Jamie Melvin offer you the finest in tackle and teachers out there! If this is your first time marlin fishing or you are one of those folks who have been to many place without success then we are here to show you how to get it done. Our Captains and crews are friendly and here to show you the best experience possible.

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5- # 1 in Outdoor Activities To Do San Cristobal Island According To Tripadvisor
We have the most 5 star reviews than any fishing outfitter in the Galapagos and the top ranking year after year. Plus more Traveler’s Choice Awards than any other fishing operator in the Galapagos. When you book with Ecuagringo you can book with confidence. We are here to set the standards and develop all the best options in the Galapagos. No one even comes close for service.

6- Thousands More Marlin Releases Than Anyone In The Galapagos
By 2024 we will be over 15,000 marlin releases in the Galapagos. That is more marlin releases than everyone else combined operating in the Galapagos. Only one company has been fishing for 25 years and keeping track of all the raises, bites and releases since we started. You can go back years to read reports on our website

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7- Customize Your Dream Trip Of A Lifetime
Our packages are fully customizable to add all types of services such as hosting, transfers, tours, island hopping and much more. Besides fishing from 3 islands and a mothership long range option we also provide services to tour mainland Ecuador, anywhere in Peru and even hunting trips where legal. Ecuagringo was born a hunting and fishing outfitter and we know the ropes just about all over South America.

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