Things To Consider When Booking An International Fishing Trip

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If you are hesitant about your next international fishing trip  we can certainly understand.  While we are parcial to fishing the Galapagos Islands the following advice can be of benefit when booking almost any offshore fishing trip.  Poor fishing and lackluster experiences while traveling to other far off places just to hear “you should have been here last week” or “today was not your day” are all too common.

While no one can guarantee you fish unless perhaps you are on a fish farm or aquarium there are places in the world you can invest money and time to increase your chances dramatically.  The Galapagos Islands are one of those unique places.  After almost 30 year outfitting hunters, anglers and other travelers here is some advise on booking a trip of a lifetime.  Pick a proven destination, plan to put enough time and roll the dice but always go with a reputable outfitter.

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Book As Many Days As Time & Wallet Allows You

You are going to travel hours sometimes a couple of days to get to exotic waters so why not make the most of it.  More days on the water increases your chances of success mathematically and also gives you the option to pursue more species or have options.  Sometimes the bite can be slow for one type of fish but not necessarily for another.

Most anglers fishing the Galapagos book a minimum of 3 days while many prefer 4 to 6 days when targeting striped marlin, tuna, wahoo or bottom fish.  Blue marlin anglers mostly book 5 to 10 days. Always choose the most days you can afford depending on your target gamefish.  Quality time on the waters is not wasted.  Keep in mind sea conditions, weather, bait, currents and natural events will affect the bite so more days can be a plus to enjoy when the bite is on and a lifesaver at times when slow.

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Safety Should Always Be A Concern

Booking with a reputable outfitter that has been around for a few decades always helps.  You want someone who has staff and boots on the ground and not an agent that travels a few weeks a year with their clients.  An established outfitter will usually have trustworthy staff to show you the ropes, take care of you and keep you away when possible from less safe locations.

Ecuagringo has staff, guides, hosts and other team members in the Galapagos, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Some have been working for almost 30 years with us.  Paying a little extra for hosting services and guides provided by the outfitter or booking company is well worth it when traveling somewhere you have not been before.

Nothing beats local knowledge and it can often be the difference between going to a destination or not. Let’s face it, almost any country in the world will have unsafe or areas with more crime.  Avoiding them or traveling with a host that knows where safer passage is it a smart investment.  There are a few places like the Galapagos Islands where crime to tourist is the lowest it can possibly be.

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Yes many destinations are not free of pirates or some sort of piracy.  With the increase of drug and human trafficking as well as piracy on the high seas, pirates today are as real as two centuries ago. They may not dress like pirates of the Caribbean or look like pirates but they are out there.  There have been no shortage of kidnappings, robberies and even anglers being killed by pirates around the world.  Again fishing with a trusted outfitter that will be upfront of the risks of where you will be fishing is key to avoiding a nightmare.

Most modern day pirates rely on logistics, proximity to continental shores or ports and usually operate in smaller boats.  They have to believe there is bounty to be made.  Sometimes types of engines, equipment used and armed crews can help avoid nasty situations.  Fishing a destination that is just too far offshore logistically or that has a strong military presence can be a great deterrent to pirates.  Fortunately, the Galapagos Islands are 600 miles offshore so piracy has not been a concern.  There is also an Ecuadorian naval station on San Cristobal Island and satellite surveillance is 24/7 for the whole archipelago.

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Does The Exotic Destination Have More To Offer?

We understand that many anglers have a limited time to travel.  They often have to factor family and spouse into the equation so choosing where to go can be tricky.  There are many places that offer multiple water sports and activities but may not have great fishing.  The Galapagos Islands have some of the most amazing tours that interact with wildlife as well as some of the greatest marlin, wahoo, tuna and bottom fishing.  Being able to visit several islands allows anglers to fish more diversity and non anglers to experience the best tours in the Galapagos.

Lodging, nightlife, restaurants, bars, beaches and shopping are all valid considerations for many travelers.  It can be difficult to find a place that checks all the boxes and has incredible fishing.  While the Galapagos is not a place to shop for more than souvenirs it does pretty much offer some nigh-life and a fair amount of restaurants and bars.

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Book The Galapagos Islands With The Most Trusted Outfitter

Ecuagringo was the first outfitter to develop, provide boats and fish the Galapagos Islands.  More boats, quality crews, custom tackle and local knowledge than any other company or agent legally operating in the Galapagos.  No one even comes close to having thousands of satisfied anglers since 1998 fishing in the Galapagos.

We have boats available to fish San Cristobal’s incredible striped marlin bite, Santa Cruz for striped marlin and wahoo, Isabela for the biggest blue marlin in the Pacific.  If you are not fishing and touring the Galapagos with Ecuagringo then you could be missing out.  With 3 custom 36 foot sporfishers and a brand new 40 footer on the way, only Ecuagringo has a fleet to handle larger groups and provide you a boat when you need it.

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