The Galapagos Islands Offer Variety Of Fishing

Aug 25, 2019Blog

If you are looking for a place where you can fish for various pelagic, entertain the kids without worrying about crime, pleasing the spouse and have a vacation of a lifetime then the Galapagos Islands are for you.

We offer some of the finest marlin fishing on the planet. You can target multiple to dozens of striped marlin hook ups most days or go serious big game fishing for the largest of blue marlin. With two very different destinations San Cristobal and Isabela islands to fish, the Galapagos are one of a kind.

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San Cristobal Island

Perhaps nowhere on the planet do so many sardines congregate and attract striped marlin year round like in the Galapagos Islands. These stripe marlin mostly average 150 to 200 pounds in size with fish near 300# caught commonly. The island is host o just Uner 9,000 inhabitants.

The topwater tuna fishing is world class when it turns on and you also can target wahoo, grouper and jacks. With seemingly endless structure you can jig and bait the bottom with short runs out of port in 100 to 300 feet of water. The island is home to Kicker Rock which is one of the most famous dive and snorkeling sites in all of the Galapagos.

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Isabela Island

If giant blue marlin are what you want then there is perhaps no better place in the Pacific to target them. With drops that go from 600 to 6000 and 9000 feet the waters near Isabela Island attract tuna, bonito and squid making them perfect feeding and spawning grounds for large blue marlin, big eye tuna and more.

A typical day fishing 8 to 20 miles from port will usually have you setting your eyes on dolphin schools, birds diving, tuna feeding and even sunning swordfish are all common in the area. Most blue marlin will run 400 to over 1000 pounds. A typical day will bring 1 to 3 raises of marlin so it is not for those who just wan to bend rods.

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130# tackle has become the norm as fish often spooled, smoked or broke 80# tackle. The island has around 3,000 people living on it and its vast beaches, volcano, lagoons and coastline make it a unique place to vacation.

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