The Galapagos Islands A Billfish Paradise Like None Other

Aug 22, 2021Blog

Anglers today have more options than ever to fish some truly incredible destinations for marlin. But what if we told you we offer a unique place where you can target large daily numbers of big striped marlin, hunt for giant or grander marlin, bottom fish the endless structure and even cast plugs at surface feeding tuna?

This place does exist and it’s called the Galapagos Islands. The cold water Humboldt current mixes with the Equatorial and Panama currents to create an oasis of microorganisms and food chains that invite apex predators to feed. The uniqueness, biodiversity and nutrient rich waters of the Galapagos Islands make it perhaps the most fertile fishing grounds in the world.

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When traveling overseas one must consider abundance of fish, safety and logistics in order to determine wether to go or not. The Galapagos Islands are safe to tourist from around the world as they are found 600 miles offshore so pirates are not a concern. A considerably small human population creates conditions where most people know each other and locals understand the value of protecting and looking out for tourist. You will feel welcomed from the moment you enter the Galapagos National Park until you are ready to return home.

Besides incredible fishing the Galapagos Islands have some of the best diving, snorkeling and natural adventures found anywhere in the Pacific Ocean. For those who want more than fishing there is something to do for everyone. The only known place in the world to snorkel with tropical penguins make them as exceptional as the giant tortoises that gave the island their modern name. Very few places will host so many different aquatic species that can be seen while fishing or touring the waters around the islands.

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So if you want to try your hand at multiple, dozens and sometimes over a 100 raises of striped marlin per day or test your grit going toe to fin on 130 pound test tackle with giant blue marlin then there is only one place that has it both! The Galapagos Islands are a family friendly destination that will leave memories to last a lifetime. Our company can customize any type of trip that your heart desires. We have been around since 1993 operating in Ecuador, Galapagos and all over South America.

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