More Marlin Than You Can Shake a Stick or Rod At?

Sep 3, 2022Blog

The Galapagos Have The Most Consistent Year Round Striped Marlin Bite Found Anywhere On The Planet!

If you still have not fished the Galapagos Islands with its first and leading fishing outfitter Ecuagringo, then you have not experienced the greatest striped marlin paradise ever known to sportfishing. The Galapagos hold year round numbers of striped marlin unrivaled anywhere else on a yearly basis. If you are looking to have from on average 5 to 100 plus shots per day of fish averaging 120 to 250 pounds then look no further than San Cristobal or Santa Cruz Islands.

The mixing of the Humboldt, Equatorial, Panama and Cromwell currents plus the upwellings bring nutrients and fertile waters that attract sardines, squid, bonito, flying fish, anchovies, tuna and other bait that in turn attract top predators. It is very common to see bait balls or displays of prey being preyed upon.

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Our company has 3 boats ready to fish all year and 1 boat currently being custom built to add to the fleet. All vessels are equipped and ready to target striped marlin with the best crews in the Galapagos. The runs to the fishing banks and mounds are anywhere from 11 to 37 miles on average through calm seas the first half of the year and relatively reasonable seas the second half of the year.

The Galapagos are safe with virtually no crime. A place where the whole family can enjoy without worry. There are other activities besides great billfishing such as snorkeling with sea lions, sharks, penguins, reef fish and manta rays. If you have members of your group who would rather stay on land then there are beaches, bike tours, hikes, site seeing, horseback riding and more to enjoy.

If you are ready to customize a fishing dream vacation of a lifetime then it is time to contact Ecuagringo and make it happen. Come and be part of the best marlin fishing on the planet. We also have the biggest blue marlin in the Pacific.
Contact us today for a fishing and adventure trip of a lifetime ➤➤

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