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May 22, 2020Blog

The Galapagos Islands Are So Much More Than Just Incredible Marlin Fishing

When looking for an international destination to treat the family there are various points to take into consideration such as safety, ease of travel, distance and are there activities for everyone in the group.

The Galapagos Islands are one of those wild places that have decent lodging, fresh seafood, multiple activities for the whole family and plenty of beaches to relax on. The crime rate is amongst the lowest in Ecuador and all of South America making it very safe for tourist.

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The Galapagos have 4 populated islands but a general population that totals less than 35,000 inhabitants. The three most populated and visited islands are Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela. Each island has its charm, unique tours and great fishing. San Cristobal is legendary in having perhaps the world best and most consistent large striped marlin fishery year round.

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Adventure For The Whole Family

Snorkel with stingrays and Galapagos penguins off the coast of Isabela. Dive the famous Kicker Rock near San Cristobal Island or visit the natural giant Galapagos tortoise sanctuary in the hills of Santa Cruz. There are many places to explore on land and in water unique to each island.

Our island hopping custom tours are the clear alternative to the busy and crowded cruise lines. In today’s social distancing times it’s better and safer to be out in the fresh air and sun without the crowds. Our custom packages allow you more freedom to explore and enjoy without having to sleep on a boat with a bunch of strangers.

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Private Tours Are The Best Way To Social Distance While Enjoying Nature

While in the Galapagos you will be avoiding large crowds and coming into contact with many people. Our host and guides will take care of your family with different lodging options you can have our whole guest house for your group only.

Our fishing is on private boats with no strangers but the crews. We can arrange all tours and adventures so you come in contact with as few people as possible. Sun and fresh air are just what the doctor ordered.

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