Incredible Marlin Fishing & Memories To Last a Lifetime Are Happening Now In The Galapagos Islands

Feb 4, 2023Blog

Folks if you want to experience the best marlin fishing happening anywhere on the planet then the Galapagos Islands are the place to go.  With big striped marlin averaging 120 to over 250 pounds you are not going to find many places in the world that have this nice sized billfish to give you and challenge on light and medium tackle.  Nor will you probably find anywhere in the Pacific that is an equal a producing large blue marlin every year like Isabela Island.  The bottom and inshore fishing can also be very good in the Galapagos dues to the endless bottom structure.

However you wish to fish we have you covered!

Fly fishing, bait and switch, spinning, light tackle almost anything you want when it comes to striped marlin we probably have it.  Do you want to visit fish from various islands?  We make it possible and if you want to go even more hardcore we have mothership long range fishing options.

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Why Target The Striped Marlin High Numbers?

Want to practice your pitching, more shots to set hooks with lures or like casting a popper to a surface teasing marlin?  What about teasing up a striped marlin and casting a fly for a perfect clearwater bite? More constant raises of marlin allow you to practice more, have more shots and keep you entertained throughout the day.  Doubles, triples and quadruple hookups are possible and quite common in the Galapagos.  Our striped marlin fishery is year round so you can plan a trip whenever it is convenient for you.

Why Target The Giant Blue Marlin?

Some anglers want the ultimate challenge and there is perhaps none greater than doing battle with one of the biggest gamefish in the waters of the Pacific.  Blue marlin can grow over 1000 pounds but areas where to find such large fish are getting more rare. Isabela Island in the Galapagos attracts more giant female blue marlin than almost anywhere else in the Pacific.  Most fish average 400 to 900 pounds with an estimated 1000 pounds plus fish coming into the spread about every 7 days of fishing from past statistics.

Customize Your Experience

Ecuagringo has been servinganglers, hunters and travelers from around the world for over 30 years.  We cater to couples, single travelers, friends and families.  Just about anything you want to do in the Galapagos, Ecuador and Peru we can provide it.

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