Giant Blue Marlin Isabela Island, Galapagos

Jan 7, 2023Blog

Don’t be left out the 2023 Season.  Limited dates still available!!!!

Dreaming about fishing for seas monsters?  The 2023 fishing season in the Galapagos Islands is just around the corner and if you don’t book now you may be left out.  Ecuagringo has the only two 36 ft sportfishers in all of the Galapagos equipped with 130# custom tackle, dredges, teasers, fighting chairs and the crews ready to handle the biggest marlin to swim the pacific.

With the average blue marlin encountered in these waters being around 700 plus pounds its not hard to imagine why we use the largest of tackle allowed by IGFA.  The last two seasons we have average 1 to 2 estimated grander marlin per week when actively fishing.  Most of our guest look to target the fast paced high volumed striped marlin out of San Cristobal Island.

Why Target Grander Blue Marlin Out Of Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands

peter gelfand fishing

1- The Fish Are Huge
2019 and 2021 statistical average for our female blue marlin was around 700 plus pounds.  Most regular fish range 400 to over 1200 pounds here.  Local tuna artesanal fishermen have weighed 4 fish in the last 8 years over 1400 pounds and bigger fish have been lost fishing with single hook hand-lines for tuna. In 2019 one of our Ecuagringo boats experienced a fish estimated around 1500 pounds on an 80# tackle brought down by Steven Hurt who broke fish off after 45 minutes.

randy sook fishing

2- Lots Of Marine Life
Acres of bonita, tuna and squid attract large female blue marlin to feed in these waters. Humpback whales, pilot whales, porpoise, whale sharks, sea lions, diving birds, schools of bait and other marine life are almost a daily occurrence.

3- Number Of Fish
While Isabela Island will not set any records on the daily number of blue marlin raised, it is setting a precedent as for the number of giant blue marlin raised here.  This is a matter of quality over quantity. An average day here can be 0 fish or can be 2 to 5 blue marlin.  Almost every fish is a fish of a lifetime just because of the mere size if anything.  However,  before you get turned off we rarely go more than 2 days in a row without a bite. Keep in mind most days you are the only boat fishing covering a vast area with no other boats to communicate with

isabela island penguins

4- Runs To Fishing Grounds Start 8 Miles Out!
If you hate long runs to fishing grounds then this Island is for you.  Most days you start fishing in under 20 to 30 minutes after leaving port. Large blue marlin seem to like deep water.  Isabela Island has drops that go 600 to 3000 feet, 3000 to 6000 and 6000 to over 9000 feet.  The good news is some of these drops are as close as 7 miles out of port.

isabela island entrance

5- Safe With Virtually No Crime
Feel free to walk the beach and streets anytime of the night or day.  There is no pick pocketing, kidnapping or mugging going on this small town of 3500 people.  Unlike other island destinations you do not have to worry about looking over your shoulder everywhere you go.

isabela island dock

6- Tranquility
You will not find too many places in the world as calm, relaxed and yet comfortable enough to make your stay enjoyable.  Food is good, drinks on the beach and plenty of open spaces to go for a walk or a run while watching wildlife up close.  The marine iguanas crossing the streets and sidewalks along with barks of sea lions and bird chirping will immerse you in nature’s song.

sea lion resting

7- Plenty Of Natural Outdoor Activities
Besides fishing there is plenty to do and discover on Isabela Island.  Diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and much more. We can customize any type of package for the whole family.  There is even a volcano crater you can visit that is really big!  We have all the best private tours for you.

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8- Fish The Best Boats & Crews In All Of Galapagos
Accept no imitations! Ecuagringo has been fishing the waters of the Galapagos for the last 23 years.  We are the first outfitter to develop and fight to open the Galapagos Island to international anglers.  The rest merely ride our coat tails!  Our company invest heavily in the best boats, crew training and the finest tackle available for the job

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9- Organic Coffee & Local Beer Interests?
Well this alone may no be enough to travel to Isabela it is an added benefit for those who enjoy some of life’s more subtle pleasures.  The Galapagos offer locally grown delicious organic coffee and the island beer brews are not bad.

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