Giant Blue Marlin Happening Now Isabela Island, Galapagos

Jul 31, 2023Blog

While many other blue marlin fisheries are winding down across the globe there is one still going on thanks to the El Niño event bringing warm waters all year. Arguably the best place in the Pacific and possibly the world to target blue marlin over 1000 pounds, Isabela Island sits on the Western side of the Galapagos. Ecuagringo is the first and only company to have pioneered both the striped marlin fishery and the giant blue marlins in the Galapagos Islands.

We have the best equipped blue marlin boat in the Galapagos and a second quality boat in the lineup for 2024. However if you are looking to save on an incredible opportunity to target large blue marlin now is the time to book the Galapagos Islands.

What Brings The Blue Marlin To Isabela Island

Blue marlin out of Isabela Island average 500 to over 1000 pounds. The ledges that drop like a giant stair case go from 600 feet to over 12,000 feet are found only off of Isabela. It is this incredible geographic formation and currents that bring great numbers of squid, bonitos, tuna, sardines and other bait congregate to feed on these drops and thus attract huge female blue marlin. With fishing starting just 6 miles from port you are usually not a far run from the action.

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The Cromwell, Equatorial, Humboldt and Panama currents all mix in the Galapagos unlike anywhere else. Nutrient rich water attract tons of plankton, krill and obviously baitfish that set off a food chain unmatched anywhere else. The abundance of life usually creates a daily show of marine life like nowhere else. Birds, whales, orcas, dolphins, sea lions, whale sharks, swordfish, tuna and even tailing marlin are a common observance in these waters.

Is It Easy To Catch A Blue Marlin In The Galapagos?

Short answer is no! But if you want quality size fish you need to put the time in and search for them. Although 3, 5 or even 10 raises of blue marlin in a single day are possible off Isabela Island they are the exception and not the norm. You may also go 3 or 5 days without a bite. However, don’t you want to roll the dice in a place where large marlin are being consistently caught regularly with no pressure. If quality and size are what you are after then Isabela is for you. Otherwise you could fish the FADs 180 miles offshore from Costa Rica for high numbers of small blue marlin.

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How Many Days Should I Fish?

When chasing the biggest pelagics in the Pacific it is always a good rule of thumb to book as many days as you are comfortable or can afford. Our blue marlin packages start with a minimum 5 days required but most folks choose to fish 7 to 10 days. More time on the water usually equals more shots at big fish. You may also add a few days to enjoy the beaches, snorkel tours, hikes, bike rides and the various outdoor activities available.

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