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Oct 29, 2020Blog

Plenty of marlin, tuna, wahoo and bottom fishing. If you want a safe, virtually no crime, wild and incredible fishing destination to get away from everything then you need to start planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

San Cristobal Island:

Home To The Worlds Most Incredible Year Round Striped Marlin Bite Plus Tuna & Bottom Fish.

With a population under 9,000 islanders, San Cristobal is host to the world’s best year round striped marlin fishing. Easy to get to as the island has an airport next to the town and just a 1 hour and 40 minute flight from Guayaquil, Ecuador. The marlin grounds are 23 to 33 miles away on our fast 36 its sport fishers.

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If you want to expect 5 to possibly 100 plus raises of large striped marlin per day then this is where you need to go next. Striped marlin average 120 to 300 pounds in these waters. Yellowfin and bigeye tuna can be caught trolling or top water casting. Wahoo on the troll are also very reliable. Jigging or baiting of the bottom can produce grouper, tilefish, snapper, jacks and you can also target swordfish with our electric gear.

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Isabela Island:

Best Bet For Giant Blue Marlin In The Pacific

Isabela Island is the largest island in the archipelago. Less than 4,000 people live on Isabela. With beautiful beaches, a volcano crater you can horseback ride and snorkeling with penguins this island is unique. Just 8 miles from port you have shelf drop from 600 to 6000 feet and some of the best giant blue marlin fishing.

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Most fish average 400 to 800 pounds with 1000 pounders hooked and released every year. The concentrations of squid, bonito and tuna attract blue, black and striped marlin along with swordfish and large bigeye tuna. Fishing Isabela Island is an incredible experience that allows you to enjoy nature up close.

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