Fishing for More than Marlin

Oct 23, 2020Blog

There is nothing quite like the thrill of fishing for Blue Marlin on the open water. And you’ll find some of the best marlin fishing – including fishing for Striped Marlin and fishing for the rare Black Marlin – when you travel to the Galapagos Islands, but you can also find more.

Bigeye Tuna Fishing

They may not have the same elegance as a Blue Marlin, but Bigeye Tuna can launch themselves high out of the water with power and come crashing down on bait and they are worthy adversaries.

Bigeyes can be found in the archipelago throughout the year, but the most enjoyable and productive fishing trips in the Galapagos tend to be scheduled from December to June. (According to our experts, you might want to think about traveling to the Galapagos in February, March or April if you are interested in fishing for Bigeye Tuna.)

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing 

The Pacific waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands are teeming with Yellowfin Tuna.  Capable of reaching 400 pounds, they will keep you on your toes with their agility and strength. They prefer warmer waters and so are usually found above the thermocline, but they won’t hesitate to take a deep dive if you are lucky enough to hook one.

If you are ready for a fight, try your hand at the increasingly popular sport of going for Yellowfin Tuna on light tackle.

Fishing for Wahoo

Wahoo are great eating and great sport fish. They run fast, jump high and usually hunt in packs, opening the door to a possibility of multiple bites. Wahoo can weigh more than 100 pounds (although the average weight is 20 to 50 pounds).

On the plate, their white flesh, high fat content and mild flavor make it a popular choice.

If you are having a hard time trying to decide between planning a blue marlin fishing trip, striped marlin fishing or, perhaps, a Yellowfin tuna fishing charter on your next Galapagos vacation, we might be able to help. Contact us today.

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