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Aug 31, 2023Blog

If you want to fish for marlin in Western South America then there is one outfitter that provides the best boats, tackle and crews. Ecuagringo has been putting together fishing and hunting packages from Ecuador to Galapagos and Peru for over 30 years combined. Not only do we put you on the best chances for billfish in the area but we also provide the best tours and custom experiences.

Ecuador Fishing & Touring

While the Galapagos Islands are perhaps today’s most popular billfish destination in South America mainland Ecuador has 2 destinations that were well known for marlin long before the Galapagos became available to fish. Salinas is located in the most Western continental peninsula in South America. It is part of the famous marlin boulevard and although fishing is not what it was 50 years ago it still has its shinny moments. Salinas is a relatively easy and packages are not expensive. We offer several custom options to fish on boats from 28 to 45 ft in size. Salinas has year round striped, blue and black marlin found in its waters.

Manta is Ecuador’s second most important port and found in the middle of the coastline. It is the closest direct flight to the Galapagos 45 minutes by air. Anglers may be able to fish Manta and also go to the Galapagos with relative ease. The blue marlin bite out of Manta can be very good when it turns on with most fish averaging 200 to 600 pounds. Striped and black marlin are also possible and while the best bite tends to be June to February fish may be found all year. Terrific seafood, great restaurants and some nightlife make Manta attractive to first time anglers.

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Galapagos Islands

Arguably the most complete and best marlin fishing in the world is found in the Galapagos. Catching striped, blue and black marlin on a set of days trip is not unusual. We offer the best fishing out of 3 of the populated islands San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela. Ecuagringo provided the first boats to ever fish for charter in the Galapagos and continues to have the best and most numerous quality fleet.

San Cristobal Island has the best year round large striped marlin fishing in the world. No where else not even Cabo or Magdalena Bay in Mexico can produce such consistent numbers of striped marlin 365 days a year. San Cristobal averages 5 to 50 striped marlin raised almost everyday of the year. Some special days will produce over 100 striped marlin in the spread. The size of these striped marlin alone make the price of admission worth it. Fish tend to star at 120 pounds and some fish will push over 250 pounds.

Santa Cruz Island was the first island in the Galapagos to have regular daily flights and so we started operating there to fish in 1998. 0-30 Bank became the go to bank to produce incredible 100 to 200 plus daily raises of striped marlin in the begging and helped us put Galapagos on the international fishing stage. Puerto Ayora is the main town with the most luxury and nice hotels, bars and restaurants in all of the Galapagos. It is also 45 miles away from Isabela Island an its giant blue marlin fishery.

Isabela Island is producing some of the biggest blue marlin found in the Pacific year after year. From the first time we fished the waters here we knew it was special. Some of the biggest blue and black marlin over 1000 pounds that have been captured have been recorded in Isabela waters. The deep drops around the island attract some of the most incredible marine activity you will find anywhere. Birds, whales, dolphins, tuna, whale sharks, swordfish and more may be seen any given day just 7 to 20 miles offshore. Isabela Island is a must fish for anyone wanting to roll the dice on the biggest blue marlin in the Pacific and you don’t have to fly half way around to world to get here.

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Cabo Blanco was made famous in the 50’s by Alfred Glassell’s all tackle 1560 pound black marlin. The history surrounding this small fishing village saw the likes of Hemingway, Marylin Monroe and other sports and Hollywood celebrities of the time come and take a shot at the huge black marlin. The giant black marlin may have migrated across the Pacific from Australia during El Niño years.

Others claim they came due to the large numbers of bait that once existed. Truth is no one has put a dedicated effort to fish the place under similar conditions as in the 50’s in over 70 years. Ecuagringo is offering a once in a lifetime chance to fish Cabo Blanco in one of the best months following an El Niño. We also have custom options with minimum 5 days fishing to fish almost anytime if booked well in advance.

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