Dozens Of Marlin Shots Per Day Possible!

Jul 31, 2021Blog

Want To Fish The World’s Most Awesome Marlin Bite? Want To Go Year Round?

Very few destinations offer the kind of reliable marlin fishing that you can go 365 days a year and have excellent chances at multiple even dozens of marlin everyday. If you are a first time or seasoned billfish angler then Galapagos Islands should be your next destination.

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Besides the world’s most consistent high volume and year round striped marlin bite here are a few reasons (should you need more) to fish the Galapagos Islands:

1- 97% of local population has already been Covid vaccinated.

2- Striped marlin are big averaging 120 to 250 pounds!

3- Wahoo, tuna, bottom fishing and swordfish bites are very good so you have more options.

4- 3 islands to chose to fish from San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz

5- 3 sport fishers of 36 feet each equipped with Alutecnos & Shimano reels and custom rods.  

6- Fly fish, spin, troll and ultimate 130# all tackle ready for the chase!

7- The Galapagos are safe and virtually crime free to tourist.

8- Many custom activities to chose from like snorkeling with penguins, diving, beaches, volcano craters to explore, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, kayaking and much more.

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Call us today to customize your trip of a lifetime with the first and longest running outfitter for 23 years now in the Galapagos Islands.

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