Choosing The Right Outfitter To Fish & Tour The Galapagos Islands

Sep 5, 2022Blog

Here are some reasons why it’s clear that fishing with Ecuagringo is the logical choice for all your fishing and Galapagos needs. Avoid fly by night agents and book directly with Ecuagringo or authorized agents such as Fishing With Larry & Jake Jordan Fishing Adventures.

1- Established Outfitter
Some may think that getting into the charter business requires a boat and tackle.  However, it is much more than just a vessel and gear.  Having crews that are properly trained, that know the waters and want to catch fish is very important.  Ecuagringo currently has the 3 best boats and crews with a 4th boat in production.  Company founder Braden Escobar started operating feral goat hunts in the Galapagos back in 1993.  Escobar was the first to research and put together a vessel to fish with what was locally available and it was not much in the late 90’s.  Eventually it the need for a proper sportfisher was met in 1998 when Escobar introduced a 35 ft Bertram.

Ecuagringo is the only company to have hosted thousands of anglers over 23 years.  We were the first to start and lead the fishery and have had a clear vision of what it takes to continue providing the best fishing. We have offices in Florida and Guayaquil.  Our staff in US, Ecuador and the Galapagos will continuously monitor your trip so that you are properly taken care of from start to finish.

2- Don’t fish with salesmen who promise to come fish with you to “guarantee “your trip (they may not be legal)
The moment someone tells you they come along with the trips they book for you then be careful as this can be a blistering red flag!!  Agents that come as crew are working illegally and can seriously jeopardize your trip. If that broker or agent needs to come along “to make sure the trip goes smoothly” then he or she does not trust the boat or crew they are working with and neither should you.  Ecuagringo on the other hand has staff from the Galapagos that has been around working and proving themselves for over 20 years.  Recently several unscrupulous fly by night “fishing agents” promising their expertise in areas such as fly fishing and light tackle have come on the scene.  Do not book them as they are not legal!  There are a few exceptions such as fly fishing schools and Ecuagringo special hosted trips which previous temporary authorization to work for the instructor is granted.

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3- Tackle and gear make a difference
Only one outfitter in all the Galapagos uses the best tackle from quality companies such as Accurate, Alutecnos, Shimano, Daiwa, Fishrazr, Iland Lures, Moldcraft, Black Bart and many more.  If you know a thing or two about fishing for marlin then you may have used some of their products.  We know that booking a trip of a lifetime is an investment and you do not want to be using junk equipment when you get there.  Ecuagringo is proud to source most of their tackle from the USA and Europe.  Our company has the most and highest quality tackle found in all of the Galapagos.

If you are ready to put together a fishing trip of a lifetime with the first and longest running fishing outfitter in the Galapagos Islands then call or write today!
Contact us today for a fishing and adventure trip of a lifetime ➤➤

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