Bottom Fish The Endless Structures Of The Galapagos Islands

Apr 30, 2020Blog

If you are a novice or avid bottom angler you know the adrenaline that runs through your veins every time an unexpected or mysterious bite happens. Part of the allure of fishing for bottom duelers is the variety of surprises in the form of different species that may bite large and small.

Wether you are working hard jigging or just sending a bait down and waiting the excitement of what may come tight at the end of your line is part of the thrill. There are over 400 species of residential and pelagic fish species in the Galapagos Islands.

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Anglers can expect to catch over 2 dozen species or more from groupers, grunts, jacks, wrasse, sea bass, tilefish, yellowfin tuna, rainbow runners, bluefin trevally, paralabrax and many others while targeting bottom structure.
Anglers can fish from 50 feet to over 2000 feet as we provide jigging equipment and electric reels. Most anglers bring an assortment of jigs because they tend to break off numerous jigs.

Bacalao Or Sail Fin Grouper

The bacalao or sail fin grouper is one of Galapagos tastiest and most common bottom duelers. A relatively medium grouper that averages 1 to 30 pounds and a maximum length of 4 feet is found quite commonly from 20 to 300 feet. Aggressive to take a jig or a bait, this is a great table fare gamefish. Commercial fishing has put a dent on the population of these grouper.

It is our hope through catch and release fishing we can educate more people on the importance of setting better guidelines to protect these fish from overfishing. A 2015 study by the University of Hawaii at Manoa recommends the following:

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“This research has shown that the current state of the bacalao fishery is worrisome, and that effective, and probably stringent, management regulations are necessary to ensure the resilience of this species. The recommended regulations for bacalao should include as a minimum:

  • Minimum landing size equal to the size at which 50% of the population matures (65 cm TL)
  • Maximum landing size of bacalao ≤ to size of megaspawners (78 cm TL)
  • Closed season from October to January during peak spawning
  • Active enforcement of the zonation scheme”

Deep Dropping With Electric Gear

For anglers who are serious about targeting large grouper, swordfish, tilefish and other species found generally in 600 plus feet of water we have you covered. Ecuangringo is the only outfitter in the Galapagos Islands to have invested in Lindgren Pittman and other high quality electric reels and equipment to make deepwater fishing possible. We also welcome anglers wanting to bring their own gear.

The Archipelago de Colon has many banks, sea mounts, drop offs, reefs and bottom structure where you will be able to target multiple species. Our boats contain the electronics necessary to get good bottom readings and captains are familiar with where target species are found.

There are also thousands of square miles that have never been deep dropped and swordfish in the Galapagos are known to average 200 to 300 pounds with large specimens over 600 and 800 pounds caught by local artisanal fishermen. While fishing for large blue marlin out of Isabela Island we commonly see surface swimming swordfish.

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Ready To Plan Your 2021 Galapagos Islands Bottom Fishing Experience?

Let Ecuagringo’s professional staff customize the bottom fishing trip that is right for you. 3, 5 or as many days as you want. Our packages are complete with lodging, transfers, hosting services and fishing.

If you would like to take a few days to tour the islands we will help you with this and anything you want to do. The Galapagos are perfect for family, couples and groups of friends. Besides bottom fishing you can fish topwater for tuna, troll for wahoo and ofcourse marlin.

Contact Ecuagringo to plan your marlin fishing charter vacation!

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