5 Reasons To Book & Fish The Galapagos Islands

Nov 10, 2019Blog

1- More year round marlin & tuna action than anywhere else

The numbers of striped marlin and yellowfin tuna are unlike anywhere else on the planet. Instead of the seasonal migration of fish for a couple of months a year the Galapagos are open to fish high numbers year round.

Our striped marlin are not small either with most fish running 150 to 250 pounds. Yellowfin tuna are present most days to be caught topwater. The bottom fishing for those who love jigging is world class.

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2- More fishing & touring options

The Galapagos Islands are perfect for those who fish and also for those who don’t. There are activities for the whole family to enjoy and plenty of different gamefish to catch for anglers who like variety.

So while you enjoy fishing for striped marlin or pursuing giant blue marlin your spouse can enjoy the beaches, snorkel, dive, kayak, horseback ride, bicycle ride and much more.

3- Choose high volume marlin fishing, giant marlin fishing or both

Serious and beginning anglers can catch plenty of striped marlin in the Galapagos. However, they can also target the giant blue marlin off Isabela Island that will commonly pass the 1000 pound mark. This is the one place where billfish dreams can come true.

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4- Closer than you think

4 hour direct flight from USA to Ecuador and then a 1 hour and 40 minute flight to the islands. No need to go around the world to catch marlin when the best billfish bite is not far.

5- One of the safest destinations you will ever fish

With a crime index so low that it barely registers you have no worries for your safety and that of your loved ones. The Galapagos are welcoming and full of friendly people who depend on tourist for their livelyhood.

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