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Fish Specie: Big Eye Tuna

Scientific Name: Thunnus Obesus

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No tuna species its size pulls, fights and dives as hard in Pacific waters.

A prize fighter in its own class. Big eye tuna are strong, relentless and dive deep when hooked. They can grow in excess of 400 lbs. A terrific fish on light tackle when targeting tunas under 150 lbs. These tunas can feed and dive into oxygen low water deep down where many other predators cannot go. They are reported to grow to a maximum length of 100 inches. They spend much of their life feeding in 200 to 500 meters deep in the water column. When you hook one of these incredible pelagics get ready to be treated to a great fight!

1 – San Cristobal, Galapagos

There is no question usually that if you set out to catch big eye tuna in the Galapagos you will eventually find them. The Galapagos are regarded by commercial fishing fleets as the “factory of fish”. Crews have experienced days where it is very difficult to fish for marlin because big eye tunas were such a nuisance.
Season: Tunas feed in the Galapagos all year. Calmest waters to fish are generally December to May.

2 – Cabo Blanco/Mancora, Peru

Has well documented its past with huge big eye tuna. They are believed to breed somewhere between Peru and Northern Chile while they feed on Humboldt squid that prefer the colder waters brought by the Humboldt current.
Season: Mancora Bank will have good action of big eye tuna mixed in with striped marlin from August to March.

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