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The Galapagos Islands attract more marine life, bait and even giant and grander blue marlin than almost anywhere in the world.  Want shots at the biggest blue marlin in the planet?

Then you need to fish the Galapagos Islands.  Isabela Island has been a yearly producer of huge  blue marlin and even some really big monster black marlin.  Fishing starts just 7 miles out of Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island before waters drop from 700 to over 2000 feet.  Keep fishing your way out and you will soon be in 6,000, 9000 and 12,000 feet deep water.

The amount of tuna, bonito, squid and sardines that congregate in the upwellings of the Isabela ledges and drops attract the apex billfish predators.  Mainly the larger female blue marlin come here to feed from December to May when water temperatures reach 75 F and above.

Most anglrrs book February to May for warmest and calmest season.  Average days will be 1 or 2 raises of blue marlin 500 to 900 pounds with grander marlin in the mix.

The Galapagos are safe with virtually no crime.  The are 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador and are quite easy to get to.  No visa requirements for North American and European anglers.  This should be your next grander marlin destination.  If you want realistic shots then you need to book at least 5 days of fishing or more.

Our boats provide 130 Alutecnos Reels paired up with custom rods.  This is the ultimate big game fishing and not for the faint of heart.