Braden Escobar
Please note that Braden Escobar, founder of Ecuagringo passed away from a heart attack on november 2023

From the moment you board our boats you just know the tackle is the right kind and the service is different!

Contact us for pricing. Our packages are fully customizable.

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Jim Motsko
President – White Marlin Open

Come Fish in The Galapagos Islands For These Species:

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Striped Marlin

Striped marlin can be a rare welcomed catch in North and Central America. Not in South America. They are the most numerous and common marlin in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Peru. Most striped marlin average 150 to 200 lbs so they are fun on light tackle, fly and spinning rods.

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Blue Marlin

Choose from the best exotic destinations in South America to fish for this incredible marlin. We have a destination that is just right anytime of the year. Looking for big blues, high numbers or fish of a lifetime?

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Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna are one of the Pacific Ocean’s most common tuna. Incredibly agile, strong and deep diving when hooked. These tuna unlike their big eye cousins tend to spend most of their life above the thermocline and prefer warmer waters.

Add a visit to the Middle of The World or go explore Machu Picchu. We have the best customizable touring packages for Ecuador and Peru to tag on to your Galapagos trip.

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Why Book Galapagos with Ecuagringo?

We have hosted over 10,000 anglers and adventurers in the past 30 years.
Ecuagringo pioneered the waters of the Galapagos Islands. We are the outfitters that first started and opened up the Galapagos Islands to the world for fishing in 1998.

What we offer?

Ecuagringo offers the best vacations in Galapagos Islands for everyone. Our packages are perfect for adults, kids, groups, families, and friends.

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All our packages may be customized to include:

Hosting Services

When you book a complete package you will have a host in most cases to help and guide you from arrival to departure. Our host will greet you at airports, arrange and direct your transfers, help you with check-ins where necessary and attend to any special needs or request you may have. Some hosts will double as tour guides. We are able to customize almost any experience and our hosts are no exception.

Best Lodging Available

Ecuagringo provides its own lodging facilities where available. Where we do not have a property we work with the best options to provide you the ultimate comfort.


Our complete packages provide breakfast at lodging facilities. Lunches and snacks are served aboard while fishing and on some tours. Most dinners are at your leisure so you can experience local cuisine but our host will help you arrange for preparing some of your catch if you choose to do so.

Nature Tours

Interact with the local wildlife by swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, hiking, camping, whale watching, site seeing, surfing, island hopping and so much more. Our guides will provide everything you need to explore and enjoy each tour. Some tours can be shared with other groups and other tours can be performed privately.

Fishing Equipment

Much of our tackle and gear is sourced from the United States. Our trolling rods are all custom made by Chaos Tackle from Florida. Reels are serviced or replaced each season and we stock the largest inventory of terminal tackle on hand than anyone else in the area. We work with the most effective lures, teasers and dredge makers in the industry.
We are proud to use products that are Made In USA!

Experience the most unbelievable billfishing

Check out all our fishing reports. All our clients enjoy an amazing experience in their fishing charters adventures.

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Pioneering The Incredible Billfishing In The Galapagos Islands:

Ecuagringo was the first company to research and offer custom fishing packages in the Galapagos. Braden Escobar started his research by fishing the waters in 1998 looking for the best areas.

Our first boat started chartering in 2000. Since our first anglers we have continued to lead the way with thousands of billfish releases. More marlin have been caught by anglers fishing with Ecuagringo boats than anyone else in the Galapagos.

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Start your Amazing Marlin Fishing Trip!

We are an outfitting company and not just a travel agency. We have skin in the game in all our destinations having trained guides and crews, invested money, bought property, boats and developed some of the activities.

We are the only outfitting company that has trained staff in each country that work as a team. Our staff and pro team members are involved in all the activities and tours we provide.

Over 30 years experience operating all over South America.  Fishing and adventure is in our blood.  No one has the connections and has learned the local ropes like us!

Live the angler’s dream fishing aboard our Galapagos Private Fishing Charters!

Fish marlin with the right company!

  • Do you want to fish the world’s finest natural marlin, tuna, wahoo and grouper waters?
  • Most shots possible at your target species?
  • Light tackle, popping, jigging, casting or fly fishing?
  • Safe destinations for the whole family?
  • Custom packages that fit your budget and level of amenities?

Ecuagringo lives and dies by these principles:

  • One company, one team, one continent
  • Providing the best custom fishing and adventure trips in South America
  • Unifying the world’s finest marlin and big game fishing corridor “Marlin Boulevard” that stretches Colombia, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands and Peru